Photons EP

Been a long time coming this . . .

You know me, I love a good rant, and love nothing more than to rant about how difficult it is for the industry to sustain so many labels and digital releases.  There just isn’t any money left in the pot, its a big world business model, operating in our little world, it doesn’t work!  So I though, lets get back to basics, as close as you can get to selling vinyl out of a boot in this digital world, cut out the middle man, keep it simple.  So I wrote a cracking tune, and asked a few key artists I enjoy and respect if they fancied chipping in on the project, and you know what, they did. . . . .

      Photons EP – Remixes by

  • Galaxian

  • Pip Williams

  • *TBA !

  • Ryogo Yamamori

  • Jay Mass

  • North bay

  • Laws

  • Tekkaz

………..RELEASED LATE NOVEMBER (more previews up soon)..






Photons party poster


~ by mazzula on October 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Photons EP”

  1. Can’t wait to hear this.

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