Faces n Spaces.

Habit May 2012

“. . . . unlike web-spacesfaces, you can believe. .. . .  .  . “

Another busy month with plenty of my own music shizzle happnin, alongside a healthy slab of Stoke Techno Militia stuff to report back.

I’ve been hard at it this month, pulling out all the stops to try and recover some of the ground I lost over the last couple of years of non/little-activity.  I sent out promos of the LP to a few producers/dj’s I respect and got some decent feedback as well as tunage appearances on a few podcasts, and DC’s Whitenoise.  Oh, incidentally, Dave Clarke described the Mazzula project as resulting in “some weird but strangely enticing electro hybrids”, weird eh?  strangely enticing eh?  Its a middle of the road description though, and could probably be interpreted, or even spun, in any number of different ways.  At least it’s honest, which is a luxury in this day and age.

Honesty is a rarity in producer land, when was the last time you saw a ‘this is f***in sh*t‘ comment on a track on soundcloud, or anywhere for that matter?  Perhaps this is something to do with how people use soundcloud to network, swapping comments almost, although soundcloud was never meant to be a social network.  It has become a weird world, where not everything is really as it appears. . . . .

Although most try their very best to resist overly whoring themselves on Soundcloud, Facebook or anywhere, it is difficult when you are trying to promote an album or whatever.  A cunning strategy which I notice a lot, is adding plenty of people on soundcloud, 1000’s sometimes, knowing that because of this networking element, a certain portion of them will add you back, networking yes?  But then the ‘clever‘ bit comes in, when all of these added friends are removed, so it looks as though lots have followed yourself, because your musics are ffff’in mint.  Although outwardly cunning, I don’t really understand the end game with this one, is it that a passing A&R man might pass by and spot a heavily supported, undiscovered gem? ARF!!

This kind of thing has been going on for years (myspace anyone), and each to their own I suppose, we’ve all done something similar at some point to get music out there.  But all this tomfoolery amounts to is it being fiendishly difficult to figure out exactly how well, or not, people are really doing.  Some significant producers have a relatively small amount of users on Soundcloud or Facebook.  At the end of the day, if you aint appearing on the charts on Juno or wherever, the only way to measure how well you are doing is through gigs, as unlike web-spaces, faces, you can believe.

I’ve still got some Bandcamp promo-codes left for the Album, ROADS LEADING, if you want one,  join my fan page on Facebook and ask for one, simple as that.


Speaking of gigs,

If you remember last time out, we were all enthused about recent happenings, what with GhettoBlaster and Fly-Gotic, I think many of us are still sporting our STM profile pics on Facetw*t actually.  So next came Habit’s opening night, which kind of got caught up in it all, to the extent of which many of us kind of convinced ourselves (myself included) that it was another techno night, which of course, as far as I can gather, it was never meant to be, at least not in totality.  It was mainly house of the deeper/tech-ier variety, building as the night progressed.  So we all turned out again,  and again we had a real good time, with some of us “just popping in to support for an hour”, and then completely losing Sunday (again).

As far as the STM are concerned, highlighting was the ever-prolific Kev Willis, who was destined to close the evening.  Myself, I’m more used to hearing Kev as a producer, and when I say prolific, I mean so, I’ve noticed that he seems to be making an effort to moderate his output a bit nowadays, which is great as you really can have too much of a good thing, and very good it is too.  Releasing his own brand of dark, deep techno, and I cant emphasise ‘dark’ and ‘deep’ enough, on various labels, I was wondering how far this style would seep into his Dj’ing, and also how this might sit after an evening of mainly house. In the end it seemed that some thought had indeed gone into this, and even though the night built solidly throughout, eventually reaching Kev, it perhaps was a little fragmented.  I can only salute him for pulling off a set of the finest quality which even though he tried (see above vid) to bring people in, it still did eventually wind up different to everything else played during the eve.  This isn’t a problem, in itself, but its hard for promoters to stand out in a flooded market without a solid identity and this is all important. But f**k it, Kev rocked, and also made a few other dj’s listning think about upping their own game.

I am biased I should add, and always looking through techno/electro eyes.  It is worthy to note though, that sometimes, a reason for us to come together can be apart from the tunage, it’s certainly not everything.  At times, our attempts at promoting our old night LOAD, relied more on the culture than the music.  I suppose the win comes when you combine the two (see my post on Bitjam and Ghettoblaster).  Im sure that Habit will refine things and move on, the curve isn’t that steep, and I’l try my best to support all the way because this is what Stoke needs, people bringing their own projects to life, and developing them.

Before you download the below, it’s worthy of a mention of the DJ who played before Mr Willis, who hammered out some fine musics, rolling deep house/techno played in a coherent, well structured manner.  Excellent whoever you are.

~ by mazzula on June 1, 2012.

One Response to “Faces n Spaces.”

  1. hi there i just thought id let you know im the guy that played before kev.
    my name is nick keeling. love the review and hope you manage to join us again soon.

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