Yeah . . . . . so what?


Yeah, so what?

I cant imagine a court order dropping through my door from Mr Banks any time soon.  I suppose the Belleville 3 are circling overhead in methane filled blimps ready to kamikaze into my Fenton bolthole or perhaps a Drexyian terror squad are gonna blast into Ghettoblaster next month with poison electro-squid.  F**k em.

For a while this week it seemed like the Stoke underground came together, perhaps some of us being a little loved up still after witnessing the mighty Jerome Hill at Jared & Co’s Fly-Gotic night.  A proper Dj.  The funny thing is, in the weeks leading up to Jerome, it was difficult to describe what he plays to people who don’t know, because he’s such a good dj, which is an odd thing to say in a market-place where everyone is closely attributed to their ‘brand’ whatever that might be, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  The thing about Mr Hill, is that he is a true reader of crowds.  If you search for sets online, they tend to be quite different, there’s one in Berlin, where he’s playing, well, a bit more Berlin-i-fied, a spattering of hip hop ones, acid house, have a dig across soundcloud and see what I mean.  Suffice to say, it was mint, the best Dj I’ve ever seen in Stoke, well I cant think of anyone much better.  It was enough for hero worship aplenty post gig, with the usually hard to impress Djacker chasing after, feeling the need to congratulate with beer, and properly deserved too.  A little more about Fly-Gotic next time out I think, cos I was hammered and don’t think I could give a decent account, rest assured though, it is a ‘must’ for those of in Stoke who aren’t ‘musically challenged scensters’ (Thanks Ben Videohead).

For the record, I spoke to Jerome on facetw*t who reported,

“It was messy to say the least but the spirit was there🙂 Great night !”.

You know what, he’s right!  The spirit was there, and I reckon thats the ‘loved up’ I spoke about earlier.

Thats why the STM is a goer, cos its a genuine collective of people with no common agenda (although there may be the odd axe to grind) who happen to enjoy the same music and ‘spirit’.  Perhaps I’m getting a bit soppy in my old age, or maybe not . . . . . . for while now I suppose I’ve been written off as a hater so quite the contrary.  But how easy is it to be a hater?

Is it possible to like things too much?

Dead Sound posted an well recognised phrase on facebook, “The More I love, The More I hate”.  Now I’m not sure what he meant by that so I’m not going to risk misrepresenting him.  If it was I who was saying itit would mean that, as I know this ‘spirit’ well  now, that because I ‘love’ what we all do so much, that I inevitably ‘hate’ all the corrupt, bandwagoning, insincere shite that goes on in the more commercial end of dance music in our city.  And it is incredibly frustrating to watch all the ‘musically challenged scensters’ (Thanks Ben Videohead ‘again’) thinking they have found the holy grail.  And if you think its cool not to be a ‘hater’, you need to ask yourself who taught you this and why. . . . . . . . Also, if being a ‘hater’ means daring to have an opinion, and be one of only a few distant voices who would like to see an open playing field for promoters in our city then so be it.

This is why the Stoke Techno Militia is important, because any potential co-olition of our different nights/talents/voices make us stronger. So lets save the ‘musically challenged scensters’ (Thanks Ben Videohead ‘again again’) from themselves, and re-introduce some genuine ‘love’ . . . . . . .

I am a ‘hater’ . . . but its built on a foundation of love, heheh.

Also available for download HERE


~ by mazzula on May 1, 2012.

One Response to “Yeah . . . . . so what?”

  1. Jerome certainly did us all proud at Fly-Gotic, the guy has skills and he’s never disappointed whenever I’ve seen him. Stoke is a pretty open minded place for music and Techno is a genre at ease there.
    Glad you liked it on Saturday, the next one is going to be pretty special as well.

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